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Friday, May 05, 2006

Rep. Kennedy Bounces CIA's Goss From Leading Story on NBC Nightly News

Decisons, decisions. Both ABC and CBS led tonight with the Goss surprise resignation from the CIA. But my favorite anchor Brian Williams led with Rep. Patrick Kennedy. At the top of the news he mentioned the two breaking stories, justifying why he must choose between one or the other as the leading one. Breaking? These stories happened hours ago and anyone near a computer, if not a TV, will know about them by the time the network news come along. But to put the Kennedy story at the top? NBC drifted with it for 7 minutes before getting around to the Porter Goss resignation. In the meantime, ABC and CBS had their in-depth coverage of the resignation (not rehab) story. CBS even managed to get in the Darfur ceasefire in that space of time. So, what happened to NBC's political news sense as to the most important story of the day? And not to be out of step, as NBC was earlier, Wolf Blitzer is leading with the Goss story right now on CNN's 7PM ET segment of Situation Room.

Toronto's Globe & Mail Uncovers Some Vital Statistics

Readers of the hard copy edition of The Globe & Mail - Canada's National Newspaper - and specifically the normally staid Money & Markets pages (B14) probably had a bit of a jolt this morning. Its Market close-up, surrounded by raw data from global markets, was illustrated with the May 2006 cover of Playboy and Playmate Alison Waite, wearning a boardroom dress shirt and tie (unbottoned but for one button). This was to illustrate Thomson Datastream's data on Playboy shares sinking 15% and 'substatial' loss predicted. It's unclear if Thomson Datastream itself provided the cover or someone at the Globe & Mail was given the task of scanning it.